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UKAS Certificate

Do I need another UKAS Certificate if my Balance moves Location?

A new UKAS certificate is required if your balance is moved,  and if  it has a readability of 0.01g-0.000001g, then the balance will require recalibration as well. This is to ensure that there has been no damage or significant change to the functionality of the balance. It is also to ensure that there are no environmental factors adversely affecting the balance (vibration, air flow, temperature etc.)

If the balance has an Internal Calibration System then this can be used to recalibrate the balance as long as the Internal Weight is accurate, or has been redefined at the latest calibration (Check your Accreditation Certificates or with your Calibration Service for this information). Consult the balance handbook if you are unsure if your balance has an Internal Calibration System, or if you are unsure how to activate it.

It is worth noting that the location of your balance is recorded on your UKAS certificate. Therefore, regardless of readability or internal calibration, if your balance is moved between rooms (or its location has otherwise significantly changes) then your UKAS Certificate is  invalid and will require recalibration and another certificate will need to be issued for this new Location.

When can I expect to receive my UKAS certificate?

Providing an efficient service is important to Precisa and as such we aim to provide our UKAS calibration customers with their certificates within 1 week of the calibration visit. During busy periods, this will extend to no more than 2 weeks. Our certificates are signed and produced in PDF format, and the original certificate is kept on file and can be reissued if misplaced.

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