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Series 420IM

High Precision Weighing Modules, tailored for integrated weighing solutions for industrial applications. Easy interface and serviceability.

The weighing module is based on that for the 360 EP & ES Series, and is therefore tried and tested in standard balance modules.

With IP65 protection and stainless steel housing, the series 420IM is the ideal solution for automated weighing processes.

Key Features:

  • Short response times
  • Various filter options to enable customisation for customer particular ambient conditions and applications
  • Integrated torsion protection (not for A modules)
  • High quality and robust stainless steel housing
  • Weighing pan with prepared tapped holes for easy fit of individual weighing pans
  • Integrated overload protection

Typical Applications:

  • Automated weighing instruments and processes
  • Weighing in heavily contaminated environments
ModelCapacityReadabilityPan SizeLinearity
IM220A220g .0001g520.2Get a quote
IM420A420g .0001g520.4Get a quote
IM1220M1220g .001g802Get a quote
IM6200C6200g .01g8015Get a quote