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Series 360 EP .001

The 360 EP Series is one of our premium laboratory balance ranges and provides a complete range from semi-micro (5 place) to 1g readability balances.

With more than 7 precision balances in this series from 320g to 1.2Kg capacities and readabilities of 1mg (0.001g), the 360 EP Precision balance series provides a wide range of models to meet multiple applications.

In addition to these features the Series also has:

  • Range of draftshields for differing applications and environments
  • Automatic Internal Calibration (Self Calibration System – SCS) as standard which can be triggered automatically or manually by continuous depression of the Tare key
  • Large Graphical User Interface enabling easy visual checks of balance operation, capacity, user log in etc.
  • 6 programmable soft keys to enable easy access to predetermined methods, applications or user functions
  • Plug in modules for ease of connectivity with options such as Bluetooth, LAN, wireless available as standard
  • Compact, small footprint with all electronic modules housed in balance case
  • Levelling bubble located on front of balance to enable quick and easy verification that balance level on bench
  • GLP/GMP compatibility with features as user log in/administration functions etc. being enabled through menu system
  • Supplied with full┬ádust cover as standard to provide protection to display and keys from dust, grease and other foreign contaminants
ModelCapacityReadabilityPan SizeDimensionsWeightLinearity
EP320M 320g .001g 135*135 240*360*124 5.5 1.5mg Get a quote
EP620M 620g .001g 135*135 240*360*124 5.5 1.5mg Get a quote
EP920M 920g .001g 135*135 240*360*124 5.5 1.5mg Get a quote
EP1220M 1220g .001g 135*135 240*360*124 5.5 2mg Get a quote
EP2220M 2220g .001g 135*135 240*360*124 5.7 2mg Get a quote
EP620M-FR 120-620g .001g 135*135 240*360*124 5.5 1.5mg / 10mg Get a quote
EP1220M-FR 240-1220g .001g 135*135 240*360*124 5.5 1.5mg / 10mg Get a quote
Options 360EP
IP65 (protection against ingress of dust and low-pressure water jets), fitted at factory, for 0.01g, 0.1g and 1g balances only 350-8694
Accessories 360EP
Full size draft shield, height 260mm 350-8519
Draft shield easy (glass with cover) 320-8504
Hook for weighing below the balance 350-8527
Cable for balance 360 or 321 used as reference balance 350-8661
Desk power adapter with EU plug, 80V – 240V, for balances with IP65 (protection against ingress of dust and low pressure water jets) 350-8372
Glass body for density determination of liquids, V = 10cm3 350-7054
Dust cover for the whole balance 350-8663