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    Series 321 LT .001

    Swiss quality and rugged design, the 321 LT Balance Series provides renowned performance and reliability for a wide range of applications.

    The 321 LT Series 0.001 g precision balance range features 5 different models with capacities from 160g  to 1,220g (1.2Kg) with readability of 0.001g in a compact and well designed housing.

    Key features of the 321 LT Series are:

    • Bright blue fluorescent display to provide excellent illumination of the balance reading
    • 10 button membrane keypad enabling easy access to menu functions
    • RS232 & USB connectivity options available as standard
    • Internal calibration (SCS) available on all models as standard
    • Levelling bubble located on front of balance
    • 135mm square weighing pan
    ModelCapacityReadabilityPan SizeDimensionsWeightLinearity
    LT160M160g .001g135*135230*370*1405.31.5mgGet a quote
    LT320M320g .001g135*135230*370*1405.31.5mgGet a quote
    LT620M620g .001g135*135230*370*1405.31.5mgGet a quote
    LT920M920g .001g135*135230*370*1405.31.5mgGet a quote
    LT1220M1220g .001g135*135230*370*1405.32mgGet a quote
    Prepared for verification acccording to EC/OIML by Precisa (not verified!), available for balances with EC(/OIML)
    type approval and SCS only
    Initially verified acording to 2009/23/ECC by Precisa, available for balances with EC(/OIML) type approval and SCS only350-8585
    SCS(self calibration) with clock, automaticc on temperature change and real-time programmablestandard
    IP65(protection against ingres of dust and low pressure water jets), fitted at factory, for 0.01g and 1g balances only (others on request)350-8695


    *Adapter for 1mg, 0.01g and 1g balances320-7402
    Glass wind shield for balances with 1mg readability including cover350-8504
    Hook for below-balance weighing350-8527
    Density determination set for 0.01mg and 0.1mg balances. Container size 0 =75mm, height = 100mm350-8636
    Density determination set for solids (excluding glass receptacle and hook) for 0.01mg and 0.1mg balances. Container size 0=75mm, height=100mm350-8637
    Glass receptacle 10ccm for determining the density of liquids350-7504
    Restrainer for samples with a density of < 1g/cm3350-7194
    Animal weighing pan complete for 0.01g, 0.1g and 1g balances350-8551
    Dust protection for the entire balances350-8686
    Cable for using the balance as reference balance350-8661
    External USP battery pack for an uninterruptible power supply350-8662
    Power supply adaptor with Euro plug for IP65-protected balances(80V – 240V)350-8372