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Series 321 LS – Analytical Balance

With Swiss quality and breathtaking looks, the 321 LS Balance Series provides an all round performance balance for a range of applications.

The 321 LS Series Analytical Balance series features 3 different models with capacities up to 320g with readabilities of 0.1mg (0.0001g) in a compact and well designed housing.  Optional feature is internal calibration which can be requested at time of quotation for correct pricing and information.

Key features of the 321 LS Series are:

  • Bright blue fluorescent display to provide excellent illumination of the balance reading
  • 5 key membrane keypad for functions such as on/off, tare, print and access to the in-built functions such as counting, percentage weighing and other useful applications.
  • Full rectangular draftshield with left and right hand opening doors
  • Internal calibration (SCS) & external calibration options available on all models and need to be specified at time of order or request for quotation
  • RS232 & USB connectivity options available as standard
  • 90mm round weighing pan


ModelCapacityReadabilityPan SizeDimensionsWeightLinearity
LS120A 120g .0001g 90 228*381*345 6.6 0.2mg Get a quote
LS220A 220g .0001g 90 228*381*345 6.6 0.2mg Get a quote
LS320A 320g .0001g 90 228*381*345 6.6 0.2mg Get a quote
Accessories 321LS
Set for EC / OIML verification, fitted at factory, not verified, available only for balances with EC
(/ OIML) Type approval
SCS: Self Calibration System with clock, automatic on temperature change and real-time programmable Available
Accessories 321LS
*Adapter for 1mg, 0.01g, 0.1g and 1g balances 320-7402
Draft shield mg, glass with cover 350-8504
Hook for weighing below the balance 350-8527
Density kit for 0.01mg and 0.1mg balances. Container size 0=75mm, h=100mm 350-8636
Density kit solids only (w/o Glass body and Hook) for 0.01mg and 0.1mg balances. Container size 0=75mm, h=100mm 350-8637
Glass body 10ccm for density determination of liquids 350-7054
Downholder for samples with density < 1g/cm3 350-7194
Animal weighing bowl complete for 0.01g, 0.1g and 1g balances 350-8551
Dust cover 360 for the whole balance 350-8686
Cable for balance used as reference balance 350-8661
External USV accu power pack, for continuous operation 350-8662