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Increased Pharmaceutical Demands arising from COVID-19 Fears

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Pharmacy stocks have always been subject to fluctuations, however pressure on supplies has shot through the roof in the past few weeks as a result of COVID-19 fears. There are 14,000 pharmacies in the UK which are under pressure, some of which are currently reporting a threefold increase in footfall. Many are now restricting the amount of patients allowed inside and limiting purchases as customers are being asked not to stockpile medicines. Products such as Paracetamol have become increasingly hard to get hold of as customers stock up.

Analysts have expressed fears over deeper disruptions in the drug supply chain and the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) have warned that this sharp surge in demand for medicines could lead to longer waiting times for prescription medicines, which may be critical for many. As a result of these concerns, the government has recently agreed to a COVID-19 pharmacy funding package and will inject a total of £300 million of advance funding into community pharmacies over the next month.

Increased demand for pharmaceutical supplies and additional funding for pharmacies will undoubtedly be accompanied by an increase in workload for pharmacists. As a result, it is highly likely that additional, or more advanced, equipment will be required to assist with the newfound high capacity of tasks. Two key instruments required in almost every pharmacy are the lab balance and the pill counter. This article will take a look at why these products are so important, and how we at Precisa can play a part in assisting with the crisis.


Pharmaceutical Lab Balance

The lab balance is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment used in every pharmaceutical facility and is required for a number of different applications. Drug development and creation requires a balance for methods such as toxicology and formulation, involving the accurate measuring and mixing of different substances. Every ingredient that is used must be precisely weighed in order to produce an end product of optimum quality and safety for consumption.

Furthermore, lab balances are needed for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products through quality control and for research in laboratories, which is particularly pressing due to the current worldwide search for discoveries and developments in the fight against coronavirus.

At Precisa, our high-quality pharmacy balances combine the latest technology with ease of use and eye-catching design. If you are looking for an accurate and reliable weighing solution for your pharmaceutical laboratory, why not browse our range of pharmaceutical lab scales here.



Pill Counters

Pill counters are essential in all pharmacies as they are used for the accurate and time saving counting of medication in tablet or capsule form. The device uses precise weighing based on the initial weight of the empty pill vial followed by the weight of an individual pill. Once the desired pill count is added to the vial, the total number of pills can be calculated. Pill counters have transformed the work of pharmacists because pill counting previously accounted for the highest allocation of their time. Some of the many benefits of the instrument include increased accuracy and reduced human error when counting, aid in adhering to medication safety legislations and increased efficiency and reduction of costs. These are particularly crucial during this pandemic as increased demands mean that pharmacists cannot afford to lose time or make mistakes.

At Precisa, we produce an EEZYcount Pill Counter that is designed specifically for the Pharmaceutical industry. It provides a simple, accurate and robust method of counting individual tablets quickly and easily. It is supplied with two plastic scoops to make the dispensing and counting of tablets easier and also comes with simple instructions and EC verification where required. Furthermore, our team of engineers also provide on-site service and calibration for all EEZYcount balances to ensure that they provide the most accurate readings possible and provide years of optimal performance. Please view the product page for more information.



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