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Medical Supply Company EEZYcount Promotion

Republic of Ireland Partner mailshot

Our respected partner in Ireland, Medical Supply Company (MSC), has recently produced a mailshot for Pharmacy customers with a range of suitable scientific products.  It includes the Precisa EEZYcount balance which is established as a market leader in pharmacies, dispensaries and veterinary clinics in aiding the dispensing of multiple tablets to its customers.

The promotion provides an introductory price for the Precisa EEZYcount tablet counting balance and for more details please contact MSC by either of the means shown below.

The EEZYcount has replaced the Viscount tablet counter in late 2016 and complies with the latest legislation covering the use of non-automated weighing instruments (NAWI Directive).  Support is still available for the Viscount if required, and please do not hesitate to contact MSC for further information.

To place an order or request further information then please contact MSC on +353 (0)1 822 4222 or

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