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Balance Readability

Using the Lab Balance Model Number to Calculate Capacity and Readability

If you have a Precisa lab balance, and require a certain capacity or readability, the helpful guide below allows you to easily interpret the capacity and readability from the Precisa Model Number as seen below:

Eg. XB3200D = Capacity: 3200g
Readability: 0.01g

The number used in the model number (3200) is the max capacity (or at least within a couple of hundred grams).

The readability can be worked out from the suffixed letter/s (D):

  • G = 1g
  • D = 0.1g (deci)
  • C = 0.01g (centi)
  • M = 0.001g (milli)
  • A = 0.0001g (analytical)
  • SM = 0.00001g (semi-micro)
  • [2 letters] – [DR or FR] = eg. IBK 34000DG-FR 0.1g/0.01g (dual range/floating ranges)

Dual or Floating Range Lab Balance

For Dual or Floating Range balances it is worth investigating the supporting text or directly contacting Precisa UK to find out the upper limits of the first range to ensure that it meets you requirements and that you do not lose accuracy as you move between the ranges.

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