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Employee Spotlight – John Goodall

We are excited to share the first in our Employee Spotlight Series which features Senior Field Service Engineer for Precisa UK, John Goodall.

John has been with us for over 3 years and before that worked closely with several wet chemistry laboratories where he provided daily support to different pieces of scientific instrumentation, and is where he gained significant end-user experience and learned the importance of properly functioning laboratory equipment which is what makes him such an asset to our team today. He believes that “the results you achieve are only as good as the accuracy and functionality of the instruments you use.”

John started with Precisa during the summer of 2015 where he split his time as not only a Field Service Engineer, but as a Workshop Engineer as well. This allowed him to gain a thorough understanding of a wide range of aspects of the work from basic operation to verification/calibration, to troubleshooting/repair.  

In terms of Service and Calibration work, John is responsible for covering the South-Eastern quarter of England, but with the option to assist the Engineers that cover the Central and South-Western areas as well. He is the primary point of contact for internal and external technical support and repair, and is involved with the Precisa’s UKAS/ISO Certification process. John is also responsible for the training, support, and development of the other engineers in the field or in the workshop. In addition to all of that he is also responsible for putting together troubleshooting guides and general working procedures to ensure the whole team is working to the same standards, and have the ability to deal with any situations they may face.

“The things I enjoy about this job are the fact that I get to be helpful everyday by providing quality service that I can be proud of, to customers that care about the results they achieve and maintaining the functionality of their equipment. Knowing that I do a good job and that the customers I visit are satisfied and supported, is very important to me.” – John Goodall

John also enjoys the troubleshooting aspect of the role. He says he finds it satisfying to arrive at a site where a customer is experiencing a problem and then leave with that problem resolved and the equipment restored to working order. Even just being able to provide the customers with useful and thorough advice to improve the way they use their equipment and achieve better results or improve the functionality for the end-user.

In his spare time, John enjoys working behind the scenes for a company that makes small Independent Horror Movies for general release, which he says proudly makes money that larger companies have as their tea and coffee budget.

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