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Balance Shipping Guide

Pack It, Wrap It, Strap It – Recommendations for Balance Shipping

Make sure your precision balance arrives in first-class condition. We’ve created a handy balance shipping guide to ensuring that safe delivery of your goods.

Please disassemble the balance and use original packaging as far as possible, where this is unavailable please follow our recommendations below:

  • Find a box that will accommodate the balance and leave a few inches space between the balance and the box wall.
  • Remove all parts of the balance that can be easily removed. Power Supplies, Draft Shields etc. The most important parts to remove will be the Pan and/or Pan Support as this can cause damage to the Weighing Cell if left in the main body of the unit.
  • Place some cushioned packaging in the bottom of the box, ideally foam packing chips or bubble wrap.
  • Wrap all the individual pieces and Main Unit in bubble wrap and secure with tape, we would recommend several layers around the Main Unit to prevent any shock damage.
  • Place the main unit in the centre of the box, place some firm packaging (ideally solid foam blocks, large air packs, compressed thick packing paper etc.) between the edges of the unit and the box wall to secure unit and prevent unwanted movement and add another layer of cushioned packaging on top.
  • Place any other parts from the balance on top and secure in place as much as possible.
  • Cover to the top of the box with cushioned packaging and seal to ensure as little movement as possible but not so much as to cause too much stress on the box.
  • If the Draft Shield can be removed and is not required for repair we suggest that you do not send it due to risk to the glass.
  • If the Draft Shield can be removed and is required for repair it is recommended that this is sent in its own box separate to the Main Unit, but we would also suggest placing some packaging inside the Draft Shield (foam chips, air packets, bubble wrap, anything that will go in comfortably to provide internal support but not create too much pressure on the glass) and then wrap in several layers of bubble wrap-treat as you would the Main Unit.
  • If you have the ability to strap the box we would recommend you do so.
  • Mark the outside of the box as “FRAGILE-SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT” on several sides.
  • Send by courier. We have had a lot of success with DPD, but if you have a preferred courier please use them.

We hope you have found this guide useful, and if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team at

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