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Application Note: Moisture Determination of Different Plastic Granules

Plastics are an important parameter in manufacturing and accurate measurement of plastics is essential for quality assurance. Moisture can impact the processability of the majority of plastics and if plastics are moulded or processed with moisture content which is out with the accepted range, then defects can occur, both structurally or visually.

In this application note, we determine the moisture of different plastic granulates using Precisa’s XM60/EM120 Halogen moisture analyser.

Precisa moisture analysis XM60/EM120 Halogen

*Can be conducted using the XM50, XM60-HR & XM66

Description:Different plastics granulates
Utensils:Aluminium pan, pipette
Preparation:Spread thinly on pan
Sample weight (+/-10%):10g
Temperature program:   standard
Temperature:125 °C105 °C80 °C125 °C
Stop Criteria:2d/90s

HR 20d/90s


HR 20d/90s


HR 20d/60s


HR 20d/60s

(average of 3)
0.33 %0.11 %0.18 %0.16 %
Standard Deviation (+/-):0.011 %0.017 %0.014 %0.015%
Average analysis time:10 min10 min10 min10 min
Reference:0.30 %0.11 %0.18 %0.16 %


Download the Application Note

You can download the complete application note as a pdf: Moisture Determination of Different Plastic Granules

moisture analysers XM/EM

Precisa Moisture Analyser XM60/EM120

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