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Top 5 Reasons why Precisa is the Best Balance Company for your Precision Weighing

We want to help you find the right balance company to meet your needs, but we also know being in the marketplace for new precision balances can be tricky. If you have weighed up all of your options and still can’t make a decision – we’re here for you.

At Precisa we believe that we are the perfect balance company to solve your weighing requirements. Read our Top 5 Reasons you should choose Precisa today…

1. UKAS Accredited, Door to Door Calibration Services

Precisa offers UKAS accredited calibration services. UKAS is the sole national accreditation body for the United Kingdom. Recognised by the government, they assess organisations offering calibration services against internationally agreed standards. Accreditation from UKAS demonstrates “competence, impartiality and performance capability”, which means you can rest in the knowledge that our calibration services comply with the standards set by the regulatory bodies.

Our nationwide team of fully-trained Field Service Engineers are on hand to assist you with your calibration needs. With engineers based in: Southern and South East England, East Anglia, East Midlands, North East England, West Midlands, West England and Scotland we have excellent response times and can offer a range of services to meet your needs and budget.

Best Balance Company - calibration  


2. Swiss Quality Assurance

Precisa UK does not stand alone. Our sister company Precisa Gravimetrics AG is based in Zurich, Switzerland and since 1935 they have been manufacturing balances to a world class standard. Precision and care is at the core of everything they do.

In 1982 Precisa became the exclusive distributor for Precisa Gravimetrics AG in the United Kingdom and Ireland, so we have access to the company’s leading Swiss research and development, and exceptional customer service centre. With our state of the art product range and outstanding reputation you can be assured of quality, reliability and endurance.


3. Wide Balance Range

We have a diverse range of products to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for an Analytical Balance with 0.1mg readability that can measure up to 520g, or a Semi Micro Balance with 0.00001g readability, rest assured that we’ll be able to find the right balance for you.

Some of our notable products include Precisa’s EEZY Pill Counter and our UK Moisture Analysers.

The EEZY Pill Counter provides a time saving, accurate and robust method of counting individual tablets. This balance decreases risk of human error, adheres to medication safety requirements and increases efficiency.

Best balance company - Moisture analyser from PrecisaBest balance company - Pill counter from PrecisaBest balance company - Analytical balance

Moisture Analysers measure the moisture content levels of a sample, which is important because moisture is a quality control criterion which affects weight, shelf life, pricing and quality. Our moisture analysers are the result of Swiss precision in production and engineering, which guarantees robustness, reliability and an extensive life of error-free operation at highest levels of precision.

Our Scottish HQ stocks a wide range of balances which means that we can reduce product lead time, delivery costs and enable a speedy dispatch to your door.


4. We cater to a diverse range of industries

  • The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Education Services
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • In Pharmacies
  • Industrially

We are proud that our balances are able to provide assistance across a breadth of industries. Contact us to learn more about how our diverse range of products can help with the most specific of problems. We are always keen to find solutions to new queries, and our cutting edge technology ensures that you will always be getting the best quality.

5. Our employees love working for us. Read what they have to say here:

We have a great team at Precisa and our employees really enjoy working with us. We think it’s important that everybody feels respected and empowered in their working environment. As a team we hold values of commitment, integrity, and trust. This may be why a member of our team describes us as a “Great company to work for. Professional, fair and friendly.”

Don’t take our word for it, read the latest from our Employee Spotlight blog series and find out what our team have to say first hand.

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